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Here are the faculty members who participated at the 2013 Backspace Writers Conference:

amy keynoteKeynote Speaker: award-winning young adult author A.S. King

Workshop instructors: Donald Maass, President, Donald Maass Literary Agency; Lane Shefter Bishop, Producer, CEO, Vast Entertainment; New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry

Agents: Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary Management), Kirsten Neuhaus (Foundry Literary + Media), Suzie Townsend (New Leaf Literary), Jessica Regel (Jean Nagger Literary Agency), Laura Biagi (Jean Nagger Literary Agency), Sarah LaPolla (Curtis Brown, Ltd.), Michelle Brower (Folio Literary Management),Rebecca Strauss (DeFiore and Co.), Peter Rubie (FinePrint Literary Management), Alex Glass (Trident Media Group), Linda Epstein (Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), Louise Fury (L. Perkins Agency), Carrie Pestritto (The Prospect Agency), Jennifer Udden (Donald Maass Literary Agency), Emmanuelle Morgen(Stonesong Literary Agency), Kristin Nelson (Nelson Literary Agency), Katharine Sands (Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency), Bridget Smith (Dunham Literary Inc.), Jason Yarn (Paradigm), Rachel Vogel(The Waxman Leavell Agency), Roseanne Wells (Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), MacKenzie Fraser-Bub (Trident Media Group), Sandy Lu (L. Perkins Agency), Erin Harris (Folio Literary Management)

Editors: Rhoda Belleza, Associate Editor, Paper Lantern Lit, Lynette Eklund, Senior Editor, Allegory ezine

Authors: Jerry AmernicNathan BransfordKeith CroninKaren DionneD.E. JohnsonSteve LehtoMaureen McGowanRandy Susan MeyersM.J. RoseHeather Webb

Publishing Professionals: Don LaffertyDan BlankGabriela Pereira

Here are the faculty members who participated at the 2012 Backspace November Agent-Author Seminar:

Workshop Instructors:

Lane Shefter Bishop,  Producer, CEO Vast Entertainment

Donald Maass, President, Donald Maass Literary Agency

Literary Agents

Donald Maass (Donald Maass Literary Agency)  •  Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary Management)  •  Carrie Pestritto (Prospect Agency)  •  Paula Munier (Talcott Notch Literary Services)  •  Molly Jaffa (Folio Literary Management)  •  Becky Vinter (FinePrint Literary Management)  •  Michelle Brower (Folio Literary Management)  •  Sandy Lu (L. Perkins Agency)  •  Jason Yarn (Paradigm)  •  Sarah LaPolla (Curtis Brown Ltd.)  •  Janet Reid (FinePrint Literary Management)  •  Liza Dawson (Liza Dawson Associates)  •  Paul Lucas (Janklow & Nesbit Associates)  •  Katharine Sands (Sarah Jane Freymann Agency)  •  Evan Gregory (Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency)  •  Rachel Vogel (Mary Evans, Inc.)  •  Victoria Marini (Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents)  •  Louise Fury (L. Perkins Agency)  •  Jason Allen Ashlock (Moveable Type Management)  •  Brooks Sherman (FinePrint Literary Management)  •  Madeleine Raffel (Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency)  •  Erin Harris (Folio Literary Management)  •  Emily Keyes (L. Perkins Agency)  •  Jita Fumich (Folio Literary Management)  •  Roseanne Wells (Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency)

Here are the faculty members who were featured at the May 24-26, 2012 Backspace Writers Conference:

Keynote Speaker

Lauren Baratz-Logsted, multi-published author of children’s, young adult, and adult fiction

Workshop Instructors

Donald Maass, President, Donald Maass Literary Agency – “Writing the Breakout Novel”

David L. Robbins, bestselling author of 9 novels; creative writing instructor, the College of William and Mary

Katharine Sands, Sarah Jane Freymann Agency – “Making the Perfect Pitch: How to Catch a Literary Agent’s Eye”

Literary Agents

Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary Management), Katharine Sands (Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency), Stéphanie Abou (Foundry Literary + Media), Becky Vinter (FinePrint Literary Management), Janet Reid (FinePrint Literary Management), Brooks Sherman (FinePrint Literary Management), Rebecca Strauss (McIntosh & Otis), Paul Lucas (Janklow & Nesbit Associates), Kristin Nelson (Nelson Literary Agency), Jennifer Laughran (Andrea Brown Literary Agency), Josh Getzler (Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency), Jennifer Weltz (Jean V. Nagger Literary Agency), Molly Jaffa (Folio Literary Management), Laney Katz Becker (Markson Thoma Literary Agency), Carrie Pestritto (Prospect Agency), Jason Yarn (Paradigm Agency), Victoria Marini (Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents), Sarah LaPolla (Curtis Brown, Ltd.), Sarah Levitt (The Zoë Pagnamenta Agency), Rachel Vogel (Mary Evans, Inc.), Lois Winston (Ashley Grayson Literary Agency), Michelle Brower (Folio Literary Management), Gina Panettieri (Talcott Notch Literary ), Sandy Lu (L. Perkins Agency), Liza Dawson (Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency), Jita Fumich (Folio Literary Management)


Christina Rodriguez (Assistant Editor, Little, Brown and Company), Abby Zidle (Senior Editor, Gallery|Pocket Books)


Jessica Keener, Keith Cronin, Priscille Marcille Sibley, Julie Wu, Jael McHenry, Karen Dionne, Randy Susan Meyers, Ellen Meeropol, Nichole Bernier, Maria Murnane, Darcie Chan, Susan Henderson, Leora Skolkin-Smith, Jessica Anya Blau, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Sara J. Henry, Lois Winston

Publishing Professionals

Colleen Lindsay, Lauren Cerand, Dan Blank


These are the agents who were featured at the November 2011 Agent-Author Seminar:

Stephany Evans (FinePrint Literary Management), Paige Wheeler (Folio Literary Management), Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency), Jeff Kleinman(Folio Literary Management), Jenny Bent (The Bent Agency), Joanna Volpe (Nancy Coffey Literary Management), Becky Vinter (FinePrint Literary Management), Lois Winston (Ashley Grayson Literary Agency), Katharine Sands (Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency), Michelle Brower (Folio Literary Management), Sandy Lu (L. Perkins Agency), Louise Fury (L. Perkins Agency), Rebecca Strauss (McIntosh & Otis, Inc.), Roseanne Wells(Marianne Strong Literary Agency), Nicholas Croce (The Croce Agency), Moses Cardona (John Hawkins Associates), Jennifer Laughran (Andrea Brown Literary Agency), Jennifer Weltz (Jean V. Nagger Literary Agency) Emily Keyes (L. Perkins Agency), Brooks Sherman (FinePrint Literary Management),Molly Jaffa (Folio Literary Management), Emmanuelle Morgen (Judith Ehrlich Literary Management), Meredith Barnes (Lowenstein Associates), Jason Allen Ashlock (Movable Type Management), Rayhané Sanders (WSK Management, LLC) Janet Rosen (Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc.), Josh Getzler (Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency), and Brianne Mulligan (Movable Type Management), Jason Yarn (Paradigm)

PLUS Erika Imranyi (Senior Editor, Mira), Bella Stander (Book Promotion 101), Ron Hogan and New York Times bestselling thriller author John Gilstrap!


Here are the faculty members who were featured at the May 26 – 28, 2011 Backspace Writers Conference:


Keynote Speaker:

Jonathan Maberry

Literary Agents:

Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary Management), Donald Maass (Donald Maass Literary Agency), Lois Winston (Ashley Grayson Literary Agency), Jennifer DeChiara (The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), Rebecca Strauss (McIntosh & Otis), Kristin Nelson (Nelson Literary Agency), Kathleen Ortiz (Nancy Coffey Literary), Scott Hoffman (Folio Literary Management), Rachel Vogel (Movable Type Literary Group), Meredith Barnes (Lowenstein Associates), Roseanne Wells (Marianne Strong & Associates), Suzie Townsend (FinePrint Literary Management), Tamar Rydzinski (Laura Dail Literary Agency), Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency), Diana Fox (Fox Literary Agency), Jessica Regel (Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency), Louise Fury (L. Perkins Agency), Emily Keyes (L. Perkins Agency), Dan Conaway (Writers House), Nicholas Croce (The Croce Agency), Michelle Brower (Folio Literary Management), Katherine Sands (Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency)


Rachel Griffiths (Scholastic Press), Andrea Walker (Little Brown), Brittany Hamblin (Harper Collins), Jerry Gross, freelance editor


Keith Cronin, Karen Dionne, Barb Ferrer, Susan Henderson, Sara J. Henry, A. S. King, Adrienne Kress, Elizabeth Letts, Jonathan Maberry, Jael McHenry, Kelly Simmons, Dennis Tafoya

Publishing Professionals:

Don Lafferty

CLICK HERE to see the 2011 Backspace Writers Conference Agenda

These are the agents who were featured at the November 2010 Agent-Author Seminar:

Jenny Bent (The Bent Agency), Paul Cirone (Molly Friedrich Agency), Jennifer DiChiara (The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), Stephany Evans (FinePrint Literary Management), Molly Jaffa (Folio Literary Management), Natanya Wheeler (Nancy Yost Literary Agency), Lois Winston (Ashley Grayson Literary Agency), Kathleen Ortiz (Lowenstein Associates), Michelle Brower (Folio Literary Management), Rebecca Strauss (McIntosh & Otis, Inc.), Kirsten Neuhaus (Kirsten Neuhaus Literary), Jason Allen Ashlock (Movable Type Literary Group), Joanna Stampfel-Volpe (Nancy Coffey Literary), Suzie Townsend (FinePrint Literary Management), Tamar Rydzinski (The Laura Dail Literary Agency), Diana Fox (Fox Literary Agency), Emmanuelle Morgen (Judith Ehrlich Literary Management), Alanna Ramirez (Trident Media Group), Brandi Bowles (Foundry Literary + Media), Weronika Janczuk (D4EO Literary Agency), Rebecca Friedman (Sterling Lord Literistic), Jason Pinter (Waxman Literary Agency), Adam Schear (DeFiore and Company)



Here are the faculty members who were featured at the May 27 – 29, 2010 Backspace Writers Conference:

Keynote speakers:

Lorenzo Carcaterra #1 New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter
Neil S. Nyren Senior Vice President, Publisher and Editor in Chief of G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Literary agents:

Paul Cirone (Molly Friedrich Agency), Elizabeth Evans (Jean Naggar Agency), Joanna Stampfel-Volpe (Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation), Elana Roth(Caren Johnson Literary Agency), Victoria Horn(Liza Dawson Associates), Lois Winston (Ashley Grayson Literary Agency), Rebecca Strauss (McIntosh and Otis, Inc.), Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary Management) Kristin Nelson (Nelson Literary), Jamie Brenner (Artists & Artisans Literary Management), Colleen Lindsay (FinePrint Literary Management), Jason Allen Ashlock (Movable Type Literary Group), Diana Fox (Fox Literary Agency), April Eberhardt (Kimberly Cameron & Associates), Kathleen Ortiz (Lowenstein Associates) Gwendolyn Heasley (Artists and Artisans Literary Management), Suzie Townsend (FinePrint Literary Management) Scott Hoffman (Folio Literary Management), Jenny Bent (The Bent Agency), Alanna Ramirez (Trident Media Group), Kirsten Neuhaus (Kirsten Neuhaus Literary Agency), Eric Myers (The Spieler Agency), Blair Hewes (Dunham Literary), Marisa Corvisiero (Lori Perkins Agency) Joe Veltre (The Veltre Company), Molly Jaffa (Folio Literary Management), Natanya Wheeler (Nancy Yost Literary Agency), Alanna Ramirez (Trident Media Group), Donald Maass (Donald Maass Literary Agency) and more to come!

Gayle Lynds, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Richard Krevolin, Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Karen Dionne, Elizabeth Letts, Rachel Kramer Bussel, J.E. Taylor, Norb Vonnegut, Rebbie Macintyre, MJ Pearson, Barbara Caridad Ferrer, Randy Susan Meyers, Janice Gable Bashman, Jason Pinter, A.S. King, Stephanie Cowell

Keith Kahla, Executive Editor, St. Martin’s Press
Mark Tavani, Executive Editor, Random House
Freelance Editor:

Jerry Gross
Publishing professionals:

Bella Stander, Ron Hogan, Don Lafferty, Dana Kaye Litoff, Ron Koltnow

“The Fall 2009 Backspace Agent-Author Seminar was the most phenomenal conference I have ever attended. I was impressed with the amount of personal and individual attention every attendee received on both query letters and opening pages. The mixers with agents were wonderfully informal and comfortable, nothing like nerve-wracking pitch sessions. They provided a great opportunity to network with agents and other writers. I recommend this conference to all my writer friends.” — Lisa Iriarte