Lynette Eklund

lynetteLynette Eklund, Senior Editor for Allegory ezine, became known as a writer when she was barely old enough to spell, and her love for the craft never waned. All through school, classmates accused her of making them “look bad” because she couldn’t help delivering more than the writing assignments required.

After establishing herself in the film industry as a freelance creature effects artist, where her efforts contributed to the Oscar-nominated Raptors for Lost World and the Emmy-award winning corpses for The Stand, one might think her current writing would tilt toward horror or fantasy. But it is the human encounters that inspire her more. Out of respect, Lynette refuses to tell exactly which celebrities she has merged into her characters’ personalities, though readers may be assured that for better and worse, her own experiences are ever-present in her upmarket fiction represented by Jeff Kleinman of Folio Literary Management.

Now living in the Midwest with her husband and three boys, Lynette commutes to Hollywood once or twice a year, and keeps the Fed Ex drivers amused with packages full of weird creature parts. She enjoys gardening, petting donkeys,  recording amateur baseball stats, and guilt-free writing.