Hurricane Sandy report



The Backspace Agent-Author Seminar November 1 & 2 at the Radisson Martinique in NYC was a great success!

Nearly everyone who registered for the seminar was able to make it into the city despite travel cancellations and delays in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Backspace would like to thank the faculty members who attended, as well as those who participated from home by conference call (including those without power!), our hardworking volunteers, and most of all, the fabulous, resourceful writers who made it all possible!

From attendees:

“Thank you for running a smooth event and for being so accessible for the last few months.  Even with the storm, I was pleased with the seminar and grateful to be a part of it.  I learned an incredible amount.”

“Great job on yesterday’s arrangements with the phone conferences. I called in to morning and afternoon sessions and they both went without a glitch.The agents were very patient and helpful, as were the other participants.”

“I am writing to offer you my sincerest thanks for the fabulous event that you pulled off, post-Sandy. This event has been a great experience for me in spite of the schedule changes. I have not only learned a lot and developed more conviction in my work, but also gained more personal confidence!”

“Thank you so very much for putting together and keeping afloat a major conference with excellent agents and writers in a turbulent couple of days when transportation was disrupted. What an extraordinary conference you managed to bring off despite the dislocations of Sandy. Brilliant use of iPhones to reach agents not there, high diplomatic skills in evidence to calm authors and agents, while organizing tables and events.”

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And on Twitter:

Jason Allen Ashlock @jasonashlock
So impressed with @bksp_org team and @KarenDionne for somehow pulling off the Backspace conference today in NYC. Impressive turnout too

Gabriela Pereira @DIYMFA
Thank you @KarenDionne and @CGbackspace for a wonderful #writing conference in NYC despite the hurricane. You rock!

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie
Big #ff to Karen Dionne and @bksp_org for holding the conference in Midtown and getting back to business.

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie
Thanks so much to @bksp_org for a wonderful conference amidst this chaos. Wonderful people,  organizers and authors alike.

Evan Gregory @EvanJGregory
Also, thanks to everyone at @bksp_org for everything. You guys have been doing amazing under really trying circumstances.

Julie Britt @JulieBritt
Backspace Agent-Author Seminar was great. Thanks to all the #agents who showed up or called in. @bksp_org

Julie Hutchings @HutchingsJulie
@KarenDionne Wanted to thank you for making #BKSP such an amazing experience in light of the circumstances. Pricelessly helpful.