Daniela Rapp

Daniela Rapp got her start in the industry at a literary agency selling foreign rights. She is now an Editor with St. Martin Press and is actively looking for mysteries (historical and contemporary), high-concept women’s fiction, serious narrative nonfiction titles, as well as books about pets, animals, nature, American history, language and humor, and travel. No historical fiction, no chick lit, no romance, and very few prescriptive books. She is especially interested in multi-cultural projects and Native American topics.

Her other projects are “Things That Make Us (SIC) by Martha Brockenbrough. It is about apop-culture-studded rant on the abuse of grammar, spelling and usage to the offenders. “Murder On The Eiffel Tower by Claude Izner, which is a bestselling French mystery novel set in 1889. It is about a woman collapses and dies on this great Paris landmark and “Dog Talk” by Harrison Forbes, a veteran dog trainer and radio show co-host forgoes the maudlin for some genuine insight into dog behavior and psychology and “A Life in Twilight” About the last thirteen years of J. Robert Oppenheimer.