10-Minutes, 10-Pages Registration List

Every effort has been made to ensure that this list of “Ten-Minute, Ten Pages” one-on-one editorial critiques sessions booked by conference registrants is accurate, but we’re not perfect. If you we’ve made an error, please contact Karen or Chris as soon as possible so we can correct it.

Diane SimmonsSarah Levitt, Rachel Vogel

Jane O’Keeffe Katharine Sands, Abby Zidle
Kirsten Squires Janet Reid, Jennifer Laughran
Casey Nowakowski Katharine Sands, Victoria Marini
Ariane Felix Janet Reid, Jennifer Laughran
Jacquline Hopson Kristin Nelson, Kristin Nelson, Josh Getzler, Jeff Kleinman, Jennifer Laughran, Victoria Marini
Sharon Coogan Janet Reid, Jennifer Laughran
Nancy Sales Cash Jeff Kleinman
Larissa Kozak Lorenzo Carcaterra
Arden Broeking Carrie Pestritto
Janet Roberts Kristin Nelson, Katharine Sands
Lora Williams Kristin Nelson, Victoria Marini
Mimi Rosen Josh Getzler
Amy Herlihy Janet Reid, Jeff Kleinman
Brandy Baughman Janet Reid, Kristin Nelson
Mary Paine Christiana Rodriguez, Kristin Nelson, Jeff Kleinman, Jennifer Laughran
Holly Richards Woodward Katharine Sands
Martin Halloran Kristin Nelson, Christina Rodriguez, Janet Reid
Remo Hammid Jeff Kleinman, Josh Getzler
Karen Donley-Hayes Janet Reid, Rachel Vogel
Siddhali Shree  Jeff Kleinman, Katharine Sands, Sarah Levitt, Carrie Pestritto, Christina Rodriguez, Rachel Vogel, Abby Zidle
Mary Kay Jennings Josh Getzler, Jeff Kleinman, Janet Reid
Aaron Chumbris Christina Rodriguez, Josh Getzler
Martin Henley Jeff Kleinman
Roselyn Teukolsky Katharine Sands
Lisa Crawford Jeff Kleinman, Janet Reid, Sarah Levitt
Carol Scot Josh Getzler, Katharine Sands
Gavin Cramblet Christina Rodriguez
Kathryn Maughan Jeff Kleinman, Carrie Pestritto, Sarah Levitt
Nancy Pistorius Victoria Marini, Sarah Levitt, Abby Zidle, Rachel Vogel
Jennifer Dansie Josh Getzler, Christina Rodriguez, Jennifer Laughran
Chris von Halle Josh Getzler
Laura Katsaros Lorenzo Carcaterra
Folami Morris Janet Reid, Katharine Sands
Desirae Roosa Carrie Pestritto, Janet Reid
Melissa Hamilton Carrie Pestritto
Patricia Miller Carrie Pestritto
Barbara Forlenza Janet Reid
Kelly Johnson Janet Reid, Victoria Marini
Elizabeth Keenan Carrie Pestritto, Jennifer Laughran
Erin Pike Victoria Marini, Jennifer Laughran, Christina Rodriguez
David Hewitt Victoria Marini
Jim Simon Carrie Pestritto, Victoria Marini, Janet Reid
Janet O’Shea Janet Reid, Carrie Pestritto
Fred Snyder Sarah Levitt, Rachel Vogel
Tamara Pratt Jennifer Laughran, Abby Zidle
Malve Burns Sarah Levitt, Janet Reid, Christina Rodriguez
Carrie Brown-Wolf Jennifer Laughran, Katharine Sands, Carrie Pestritto
Debra Scholten Katharine Sands
Christopher Canaday Jennifer Laughran
Haley Morgan Jennifer Laughran
Jose Bogran Abby Zidle, Lorenzo Carcaterra
Kristin Bailey Katharine Sands
Alice Clayton Jeff Kleinman, Katharine Sands, Jennifer Laughran, Abby Zidle
Chauncey Zalkin Jeff Kleinman
Christine Valzovano Carrie Pestritto
Nancy Cohn Carrie Pestritto
Harold Suretzky Carrie Pestritto
Joseph Consolazio Carrie Pestritto, Abby Zidle, Rachel Vogel, Jeff Kleinman, Sarah Levitt
Chris Court Abby Zidle
Carol Robinson Jennifer Laughran
Frank Rankin Rachel Vogel, Victoria Marini
Kim DeRose Jennifer Laughran
Nausikaa Konstas Jennifer Laughran, Rachel Vogel
Gale Kremer Christina Rodriguez
Ronald Reman Katharine Sands, Rachel Vogel, Lorenzo Carcaterra
Joan Curtis Katharine Sands
Prasanthi K. Carrie Pestritto, Rachel Vogel
Jennifer King Rachel Vogel
Stephanie Bullard David L. Robbins
Lindsay Cameron David L. Robbins
Eudora Watson Carrie Pestritto