Christina Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez is an assistant editor at Little, Brown and Company, where she has recently acquired a narrative history about WWII, and works with Tracy Behar on a list focusing on health, science, and prescriptive nonfiction titles.

Authors with whom she’s worked include Herman Wouk, Andrew Weil, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Joel Fuhrman, Donna Britt, William Poundstone, and Roy Peter Clark. She began her career in the publishing industry at the Association of American Publishers, where she worked on programs like Get Caught Reading and Latino Books Month.

At Little, Brown, she is interested in acquiring a range of serious and narrative nonfiction, with a focus on history, biography, journalism and current events, women’s issues, memoir, popular and natural science, politics, ideas books, music, food, and humor. She loves, in particular, social and cultural histories, amazing tales lost to the annals of time, edgy investigative reporting, and other fun and lively nonfiction.