Jason Yarn

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Jason Yarn is a literary agent with Paradigm, one of the nation’s top entertainment agencies. After a stint in L.A. working in the intern-mines for Miramax, he joined Writers and Artists as an assistant and transitioned to Paradigm where he worked with authors like Warren Ellis, Denis Leary, Steven Johnson, Aaron McGruder, John Dean and Daniel Mendelsohn.

As an agent, his clients include the New York Times Bestselling authors Dirk Hayhurst, Jeff Gottesfeld, and Fred Van Lente, as well as the James Beard Award Nominated Hank Shaw, IACP Award Nominated Jane Ziegelman, and debut authors like K.M. Ruiz (MIND STORM), Mark Henshaw (ASSASSIN’S MACE) and Nate Simpson (NONPLAYER).

He has a diverse list and is currently seeking narrative non-fiction and commercial middle-grade/YA/adult fiction in the areas of thrillers/suspense, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and military/espionage.