Nicole Resciniti

After a lifetime of battling an addiction to books, Nicole Resciniti, now an associate agent with The Seymour Agency, admitted she had a problem. The signs had been there all along—tailoring her work schedule to accommodate reading, staying awake at night to finish a novel or sneaking spare moments to skim extra pages. Various jobs (sales, SAT tutoring, high school Marine Biology teacher) couldn’t offset the obsession. But how does one balance a love of books with the practicalities of a successful career?
Mary Sue Seymour offered the answer: become a literary agent.And Nicole seized this amazing opportunity.


Do you have the next book to feed her habit? A smart, tight read she won’t be able to put down? A signature voice she’ll fight to represent?

HEA’s are a must for romance. Mainstream suspense, thrillers, mysteries, YA and inspirational novels are welcome. A consummate science geek and card-carrying Mensa member, Nicole would love to find the next great science fiction/fantasy novel or action/adventure masterpiece.

Nicole is a member of AAR, ACFW, RWA, and Mensa. She holds degrees in biology, psychology, and behavioral neuroscience.