Nicholas Croce

Nicholas Croce is a literary agent and President of The Croce Agency, and represents a wide range of commercial fiction in the areas of mystery, thriller, suspense, historical, sci-fi and literary. Nicholas has worked at John Wiley & Sons, Rosen Publishing and Croce Publishing. His eponymous press was named by “Writers Digest” as one of the top markets for book writers. Wishing to work more closely with authors, however, he shuttered the company in 2007 to found the Croce Agency.

Since then, his authors have appeared on several bestseller lists, including the London “Times” and the top 100 best-selling books on Amazon and Nicholas is a Member-at-Large of the Authors Guild. He has degrees in Creative Writing and Journalism from the University of New Mexico and a Certification in Book Publishing from the New York University Center for Publishing.

He is the author of three young adult educational books. He has also appeared in the literary journal “Conceptions Southwest,” the “Bergen News,” mediabistro, eBookNewser and the “New York Times.” He was recently described by GalleyCat as “a young agent who has his finger on the pulse of e-books, social media and other changes happening in the publishing industry.”