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norb vonnegutA funny thing happened during my 60-hour weeks as a wealth adviser. I discovered the joy of writing. For years I wrote about investment decisions, why we bought this stock or sold that one. I loved the wordplay, but the letters never quite sated my appetite. I addressed stiff, technical issues like free cash flow or capital adequacy. Frankly, the ratios made my teeth hurt. I longed to write stories about Wall Street’s people, the crazy things that percolate through trading floors and broker bullpens.

So I wrote Top Producer. My debut Wall Street thriller was published by St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur in September 2009. My characters hail from the trenches of finance. Brokers. Traders. Sales assistants. There is the occasional CEO, or the bigger than life hedgie. But I care most about the rank and file, the everyday Joes that come with warts and canker sores. In Top Producer they find themselves thrust into uncomfortable worlds by forces far beyond their control.

I’m finishing a second novel for St. Martin’s. Tentatively called The Fund, my new Wall Street thriller will hit the shelves in 2010.  The Fund takes place during the wretched markets of 2008.  There’s an unruly band of hedgies marauding through the pages.  The Fund is one firm that didn’t need a $750 billion bailout to survive the dog days of 2008.  When you learn how, I suspect you will prefer the TARP no matter your politics.

I remain deeply immersed in financial issues and am a frequent contributor to online publications. I blog about Wall Street behavior behind the financial headlines on  My posts are non fiction analysis and commentary, but the subject matter, at times, feels more fictional than fiction.  You can’t make this stuff up!

In addition to blogging I write a column…

My academic degrees are from Phillips Exeter (1976), Harvard College (1980), and Harvard Business School (1986). Taken together, the diplomas make me sound like a member of the New England elite. But nothing could be further from the truth. I grew up in a military family and spent my formative years in the Catholic schools of Charleston, SC.

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