Formatting directions

What to Bring

Each registrant should bring 17 copies of their query letter and17 copies of their opening two pages to their assigned workshops EACH DAY. If you’re attending both days of the seminar, you’ll need to bring a total of 34 copies of your query letter, and 34 copies of your opening 2 pages. Past experience has shown it’s simply not possible to gather up Thursday’s copies and redistribute them to your workshop group on Friday. But don’t worry – we recycle!

Also, while we realize this number might seem excessive if your group currently has less than 15 authors assigned to it, please be aware that we’re still accepting registrations, and your group’s size may well increase.

QUERY LETTERS should be one page. For the purpose of this workshop, you may begin with the generic “Dear Agent.”

OPENING PAGES should include your genre and a one-sentence logline/description of the book at the top in order to give the reading context. Pages should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins. You may start the text at the top of the first page, rather than dropping down a number of lines to begin a chapter in standard manuscript format. Please staple each set of pages together.

All materials should be in 12pt Times New Roman. Be sure to include your name, book title, genre, and contact information on BOTH your query letter and opening pages. Agents frequently bring their copies back to their offices for further review, and they need to be able to get in touch with you if your project catches their interest.


Some of our attending agents prefer to see your materials prior to the seminar so they can formulate their comments in advance. For that reason, we are asking all registrants to send your query letter and your opening pages electonically as attachments to your email to no later than October 30.

If for some reason you are not able to make the October 30 deadline, or if you register for the seminar after October 30, the agents will react spontaneously to your materials as you read them aloud.