Bob Kellogg Award

The  Bob Kellogg Good Citizen Award for Outstanding  Contribution to  the  Internet  Writing Community


2005 Award Recipient:   Lee Child

2006 Award Recipient:   J.A. Konrath

2007 Award Recipient:   Kristin Nelson

2008 Award Recipient:   M.J. Rose

2009 Award Recipient:   David Morrell

bob kelloggBob Kellogg

Author, Mentor, Friend (1934 – 2004)


The Internet writing community suffered a loss on October 23, 2004 when Bob Kellogg collapsed and passed away while participating in a charity run near his Del Mar, California home. Across numerous web sites and message boards, Bob was known for his gracious, gentlemanly demeanor and his informative and entertaining posts. He had both aspirations and humility, a rare combination, and was always willing to encourage his fellow writers.

Bob wasn’t a best-selling author, but those who knew him like to believe he would have been. His first mystery, Murder on the Run, was released in October 2002 by Papa Press. Another mystery, Murder on the Vine, was inspired by his love for California wine and is scheduled to be published soon by Treble Heart Books, while a third, A Hard Place to Rock, was on submission with several major publishers at the time of his death.

On November 4, 2003 Bob suffered a stroke, but soon he was dispensing wit and wisdom on the Internet again while joking about his one-handed typing.

Bob was a true gentleman and a source of inspiration for many. Backspace is honored to name our main conference award after him. Bob’s positive approach toward writing and publishing and his helpful nature embodies the spirit that makes Backspace the resource it is. “Writers helping writers” is Backspace’s mission statement. That was Bob Kellogg in a nutshell.

“Every rung on the [publishing] ladder has its slippery spots. You have to be okay with the process, or you’re doomed to live in a state of whining bitterness . . . I didn’t make an early enough career choice to learn anything useful about writing in college, so the Internet has been my school. We’re so lucky.” – Bob Kellogg


Bob Kellogg was born in Carthage, Missouri in 1934 and spent his youth in Oklahoma, Washington and Oregon. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Washington University in St. Louis. After college, Bob sailed to Tahiti and Hawaii and eventually settled in Southern California, where he began a lifelong career as a software engineer and consultant. Bob was an avid basketball player, guitar player, reader, writer, and storyteller.