Congratulations to 2013 Backspace Writers Conference attendee Bridget Baker, who signed with Carrie Petritto of The Prospect Agency as a result of their one-on-one meeting at the conference!

Backspace co-founders Karen Dionne and Christopher Graham would like everyone to know that the 2013 Backspace Writers Conference May 23-25 in New York City was our last. 

It’s been a wonderful run, and we’re sorry to see the New York City conferences come to an end, but organizing the Backspace conferences for the past 9 years has had a significant impact on Karen and Chris’ writing careers.  First and foremost, Backspace’s co-founders are writers, and after almost a decade of putting their writing on hold, it’s time for them to get some serious work done!


2013 Backspace Writers Conference Wrap-up!

Because a picture(s) really is worth a thousand words . . .


Did you know?

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